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The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionare, #3) - Jennifer Probst The book in one sentence: A sexual chase ending in an arranged marriage.

My two cents: This isn't my usual fare but I do enjoy some chick lit once in a while. The reviews seemed rather good and I needed something different. But reading The Marriage Mistake was, for me ... a mistake. Don't even think of picking it up lest you want to waste precious time on a piece of badly written fluff.

Granted I had never read any of the others in the series (this is the third book), but even as a standalone it doesn't work on so many levels. Why?

I won't go into the story because the lack of it really should've triggered some warning signs. It's a classic "can't have it, but can't not have it" and the tension became weary and overdrawn out.

Ah Carina, Carina. Transformed from a once lovestruck silly girl to a woman fully aware of her sexual prowess. From innocent to savvy businesswoman. What a caricature -- totally unnatural, totally schizophrenic, and totally unlikeable (I think it was the shorts with the high heels that did me in). Sorry, Carina, I just couldn't buy into your character.

Do. You. Like. Dramatic. Sex. Scenes? Well, go for it then. But if I have to read "Own. Possess. Claim." (page 104) or some variation thereof, I think I am going to puke.

What is it about getting what you want? Max finally gets Carina in bed but remains unhappy. Carina finally marries Max but is unhappy. What a miserable feeling throughout the book!

Side rant: Another Gray? Sheesh, when will people stop with the Shades of Grey references?
Verdict: Sexy mindless fluff with unnatural characters, stilted writing, and sex scenes designed to divert. Sorry, I don't know understand the raves about this one!

I received a copy through Goodreads First Reads.