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Carry Yourself Back to Me - Deborah Reed When betrayal comes full circle

Tomorrow, Carry Yourself Back to Me by Deborah Reed hits the shelves. I received an ARC of this book to review after much back and forth with the publisher (why, oh why does mail always take so long to get to me?) Was it worth the wait? I answer with a resounding "Yes!"

The book in one sentence: A study of a woman's journey through loss, betrayal, childhood revelations, and forgiveness and redemption.

My thoughts: When I first held this book, for some odd reason, the cover doesn't do anything for me. For one, those red letters look creepy. Then when I read the back blurb that it featured the story of a has-been country singer with a dog named Detour, I was having second thoughts. One, anything country (especially country music) isn't really my thing. And then the main character is nursing a broken heart. (This screams stereotype! Er, does Crazy Heart ring a bell?) And a dog named Detour, are you kidding me?

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