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Go Ask Alice - Beatrice Sparks If I were a teenager contemplating taking drugs, yes, I would go ask Alice about it.

Or maybe not. "Alice" seemed like someone who could actually egg me on to try drugs. And get hooked. Like this book got me hooked - I read it in practically one sitting.

The book in one sentence: The unedited pages from a teenage drug addict's diary (purportedly. But that's another story).

Although the writer is Anonymous, I've pegged her name as Alice just because it makes sense. This is a pretty straightforward read. This is a 15-year-old's firsthand account of how she got into drug use thrown into the whole crazy mix that is teenage angst. Her chance encounter with LSD - in her innocent Coke - escalates into addiction and pages later she is dealing drugs, and further in the book she is committed to a psychiatric hospital; by age 17, she is dead.

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