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A Place Called Here - Cecelia Ahern Where do lost socks go?

The book in one sentence: An allegory of finding one's self.

My thoughts: I didn't like Ahern's PS, I Love You very much, so I started reading this one tongue-in-cheek. And wow, I was blown away.

This is a dream-like story of Sandy Shortt, who in her youth, witnesses the disappearance of a classmate. She becomes obsessed with finding lost people and lost things. In her obsession, she loses herself, isolating herself from family, friends, and life.

On another of her wild goose chases for another missing person (which she has made a career), she discovers where all lost things and people go - "here." In a strange twist, the "missing person person" is missing! Sandy desperately tries to escape this strange world, and in the journey back home, re-finds herself.

Verdict: A quick, engrossing read with dream-like sequences with a good moral to it.