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Uno Kudo: Naked: 2 - Bud Smith;Lydia McDonald;Lisa Mitchell Parker;Joe Saldibar;Gus Sanchez;Trista Payte;Christopher Luke Trevilla;Marvin Waldman;Aaron Dietz;Michele Vazquez;Owen Cooney;Megan Elizabeth Corry;Janice Bevilacqua;Christine Conte;Chuck Howe;Shelley Hirsch;Heather if you LOVE eyecandy, have a poet's heart, or just love unpretentious stories, you need need to go pick this one up! full review coming soon!
My two cents: This is an absolutely amazing book. It is the product of an art collective and draws in the best of art to explore nakedness. It is all around gorgeous! An initial scan is a delight for the eyes ... so much to take in and see. I found myself gawking at the array of art styles, photography ... and the colours! The art alone makes me a happy camper. - See full review and page captures here: